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Quanta Consultants

Achieving Expectations, on Time, Every Time.

Who We Are

Quanta Consultants is a consultancy that delivers transformational change through effective use of management principles and science.

Recognising the crucial role that it plays in modern day business, Quanta Consultants seeks to exploit proven good practice to enable its clients to deliver their strategy and manage their transformation. Having the ability to integrate business, technical and organisational understanding, Quanta Consultants helps clients to successfully realise their business objective and with optimal time. Quanta Consultants contributes to all phases of change initiatives, from the early stages of developing strategic goals, to the final stages of implementing an effective solution.

Quanta Consultants recognises that each client is unique and needs a customised approach, not only in designing a solution but also in carefully implementing it, on time and within budget. Quanta Consultants works closely with clients so that expertise is used ultimately to improve the business process and generate real benefits and very rapidly to keep with changing business climates.

Quanta Consultants

Achieving Expectations, on Time, Every Time.

Our People

At Quanta Consultants we recognise that special results require special people, so we always go out of our way to attract truly interesting and highly capable individuals.

Today, our team is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and everyone here has achieved something special in their lives – whether in sport, in the arts, in business or academically. We believe it’s important that our people lead balanced lives and we encourage them to put as much into their free time as they do into their work.

By being uncompromising in our search for the best people, we have created a business we can all be proud of, that is a great place to work and that really does what it says it will do.

What We Do

We make change the way it should be.

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We focus on what we do best.

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We partner with ambitious Chief Executives and their teams to deliver

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We work across a number of sectors to jointly design and implement programmes

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We are at our best working with ambitious organisations that want to stay ahead


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