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What We Do

We make change the way it should be.

Our Expertise

Quanta Consulting’s fundamental expertise lies in our ability to contribute to all phases of a problem-solving process and to generate a solution that works, both from a business and technical standpoint. At Quanta we can bring substantial value to our clients by identifying and analysing problems, devising sensible solutions, and implementing them effectively.

Much of the work we undertake at Quanta Consulting involves high complexity changes with substantial technological elements to realise business objectives. Extensive managerial and technical expertise ensures flexible and effective solution management, which maximises the quality and reliability of the final outcomes.

Quanta Consulting is a best-of-breed solution provider; the resolutions devised are optimal for our client’s situation. By combining expertise with understanding of client needs, at Quanta we objectively devise solutions that will deliver the highest returns for the client, and we do so faster than what our competitors can achieve. Quanta Consulting provide’s a solution with the scope and scale that are appropriate for the client, at the right cost and in accelerated delivery times.

What We Do

We make change the way it should be.

Our Services

Often Quanta Consulting’s clients have explored solutions using their own internal departments, but did not find the means to achieve their goals. In other cases, no specialist department exists, or the departments do not have sufficient resources or expertise for the initiative. At Quanta Consulting we help our clients by producing customised solutions that not only perform the task at hand, but also fit the larger business objective and adhere to their corporate standards. By working closely with a company’s internal departments, we at Quanta can insure that the solutions meet our clients’ circumstances and needs.

The Quanta difference is exceptional solutions developed by exceptional consultants. Quanta Consultants are equipped with solid managerial and technical expertise along with analytical abilities, and can also integrate such knowledge with their business understanding of the client’s organisation, allowing them to provide services that extend beyond simply producing a solution based on predetermined specifications.

Consultants offer business knowledge and communication skills that enable them to significantly contribute to all aspects of a project, weather it be defining the client’s business objectives, producing a technical solution that addresses those needs, or implementing it efficiently. Unlike other technology consulting firms, where technical expertise is the sole offering, our consultants are valid as Quanta’s most significant asset.

There are three main service areas provided by Quanta:

The undertaking of complete initiatives from the initial analysis phase through the specification, design and implementation to the handover and support phases.

The undertaking of any aspect of an internal programme for which the client company may require external assistance

The provision of expert consultants to bridge any shortfall in human resource that the client company may encounter.

What We Do

We make change the way it should be.

Change Management

Quanta thrives on managing complex programmes and projects for important business and technology change initiatives.

Working within the client’s team, we bring leadership and experience to:

Define change; ensuring a shared vision of the business outcomes, the target solution, change impact and business case, with active sponsorship and business involvement

Drive delivery of change; leading the delivery of programme or project objectives, resolving issues and ensuring that the business is ready to receive the change and realise the benefits

Provide early warning; using our management expertise within an existing programme or project to indicate where there may be risks to successful delivery and providing guidance to bring delivery back on track

Accelerate an activity; bringing momentum to a specific activity which is causing a programme or project to falter, or where there is lack of clarity and agreement